The active multi-mode nature of recent terrorist attacks has necessitated a more dynamic response to situations by specialist first responder agencies. In many cases operators may be required to move on foot rather than in vehicles through populated areas and encounter rapidly developing threat situations within a single incident. In these situations it is vital that they can apply their full suite of capability while being able to remain agile and mobile. The EPE Rapid Assessment Package, RA TAC II consists of a number of key capabilities packaged to provide portability and ease of use.

Rapid Assessment Pack


Reconnaissance, Search and Diagnostics includes a DJI Mavic Air with Active Track and Smart Capture offering immediate reconnaissance. The wireless flex camera provides multiple search possibilities along with a rapidly deployable tablet X-ray imager and generator designed for no fuss immediate diagnosis.

Core Grip RA TAC 2

Core Flex Camera

The Core Flex is a versatile hand held inspection tool. High Definition, digitally encrypted video captured through a 25cm flex and stay camera neck. Video is streamed wirelessly to the Core Monitor.

  • Wireless video transmission 5 GHz
  • AES Encryption
  • High Definition 1280 x 720p colour video
  • Backlit push buttons
  • Long wave infrared (LWR) thermal imager
  • Adjustable high intensity IR LED illumination
  • Micro SDF card recognising (32 GB)


The RTR-5 Tablet Imager (MMX) utilises a (CR) computed radiography image plate and a unique (DR) digital radiography scanner offering a minimalist compact instant imaging system.

  • Image area: 18 x 23 cm
  • Overall Dimensions: 20 x 28 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Resolution: 144 DPI or 2.5 lp/mm
  • Op System: Win XP or higher, Android
XR150 RA TAC 2


Latest XR150, the new generation of 150kV X-ray Generator with 16 character LCD menu interface.

  • Powered by DeWalt 12v Li-Ion battery
  •  Pulse setting up to 999 count
  • Program countdown delay timing
  • Variable pulse rate (1 pulse per second)
  • Easy grip with removable handle
  • 6kg, 32% lighter than predecessor

DJI Mavic Air

Ultra portable and foldable drone that features high-end flight performance and functionality, including active track, smart capture and a 3-Axis Gimbal. Features low profile controller and supplied with a dedicated Samsung smart tablet.

  • Ultra light, weighs 430 g
  • 21 min flight time
  • Max speed of 68 km/hr
  • Max altitude 500 m
  • Smart Capture
  • Tapfly
DJI Mavik Air RA-TAC 2


Semi Remote, Manual Access and Disruption includes two Immediate Action pouches, two 1st Line EOD Kits and a comprehensive Tactical Hook and Line Kit packaged for easy access enabling multiple options on approach. The kit also includes a highly capable lightweight Disruptor and compact RF Initiator to ensure initial success during render safe procedures.

HAL-Tactical RA TAC 2

HAL Tactical

A lightweight modular semi remote (HAL) Hook and Line System allowing for excellent mobility, includes the following modules:

  • Line Module
  • Basic Clamp and Manipulation Module
  • Anchor Module
  • Advanced Clamp Module
  • Basic Reach Module
  • Guidance Module
  • Grappling Hook Module

CarbonFire 10 OPS Pack

CarbonFire 10” Disrupter with MagFire Breach Assembly and Water Shot Extension Barrel.

  • Lightweight Tripod
  • Retaining Parachute
  • SL-150 Laser Boresighter
  • AquaForce water shot system

WISe SC1 – Wireless Initiation System

Versatile, robust and portable, the Wise SC1 is a one hand controlled initiation system.

  • No programming required
  • Factory paired
  • Ambidextrous one hand controller
  • DCR – fires Nonel (single or dual)
  • Tri-mode power options
Wise RA TAC 2

Immediate Action Pouch

The Immediate Action Pouch provides operators with a capability to take immediate action from a small, lightweight, highly accessible platform.

Pouch RA TAC 2
!st-Line RA TAC 2

1st Line Tool Kit

The 1st Line Tool Kit is designed to provide operators with a versatile, lightweight kit that builds upon the capabilities of the Immediate Action Pouch without unnecessary or wasteful redundancy.