SWIFT Camera System

Swift Camera Systems

The lightweight, tactical range of SWIFT Camera Systems enables an operator to rapidly deploy, the Swift Pole Camera, Swift Under Door Camera (UDC), Swift Flex Camera, and the Swift Video Scope to visually inspect, unknown and possibly hostile environments. These unique camera capabilities enable an operator to look over walls, around corners, into confined spaces, under vehicles, under doors, and inspect suspect packages. The Swift Camera Systems include HD imagery, thermal imagery, lighting options, and are equipped with a Tactical Accessory Port (TAP) which provides USB and Ethernet connectivity as well as an auxiliary 12VDC power input.

The integrated USB and Ethernet ports and on-board 5GHz Wi-Fi allow for video to be streamed to any Tactical Electronics’ Monitors, the TE View App or ATAK on Android devices, or  MANET radios. All SWIFT products offer Stand By mode to help preserve battery life and provide a quick return to video within 10 seconds.

SYNC Under Door Camera (UDC)

The SYNC UDC enables an operator to rapidly access rooms and around corners to provide situational awareness prior to entry. The SYNC UDC has a forward and upwards looking camera to ensure that the operator can make an assessment prior to making entry, by toggling through the camera views. The SYNC UDC is powered by any Android Tablet or Mobile Device and is viewed via the TE App.

The SYNC UDC, with the addition of the Swift Pole Camera, enables the SYNC UDC to be powered and viewed via the Swift Pole Camera, increasing the functionality and capability of both systems.