TomaHawk Robotics Kinesis Common Control System


Kinesis is the only Android-based common control app that fully integrates with all your air and ground unmanned systems and bridges them with a growing suite of AI-enabled capabilities. In short, it is a game-changer for the 21st-century warrior.

Kinesis gives you the freedom to pick the robotic platform you need and pair it with the AI assistance you require to get the job done – all while integrating with your TAK/ATAK teammates.

icon user-centric


Kinesis is the only control system that is designed for the warfighter first. What does that mean? Kinesis is a highly intuitive and tactically optimized user interface that runs on Android devices. More importantly – Kinesis runs on the Android device you’re already carrying to lighten both your physical and cognitive load.

icon multi-domain


Built from the ground up for multi-domain operations, Kinesis is the common control solution that ensures flying a drone is as easy as operating a ground robot. This deep level of integration across the entire unmanned spectrum enables unique features such as air and ground unmanned system “teaming”.

icon cross-architecture


Kinesis’ capabilities are wrapped around a novel cross-architecture core for seamless control of disparate platforms. Said simply, Kinesis is the only software-based control system that is able to talk to multiple unmanned systems that are built on different architectures and view them on one pane of glass, regardless of the OEM manufacturer.

icon ai-enhanced


Kinesis was built to bridge the unmanned systems world with the AI world. Until now, there has been no practical way to apply AI across sensors from multiple unmanned platforms and use AI with the simplicity of an appliance. Kinesis, coupled with the AI edge processer, KxM, just rewrote the rules on that.


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