The XID is a plug-and-play upgrade kit that interfaces with the LCD 4 adding solid and liquid sampling and detection of narcotic, explosive and low-volatility chemical (novichok) traces. The XID adapter is affixed to the LCD 4 without the need for any tools, rapidly providing operators with the ability to perform trace threat detection in the field without compromising the existing vapour detection capabilities of the LCD 4. This significantly expands the detection capabilities of the LCD 4 to allow detection of novel emerging low volatility threats.

The XID uses the field proven Smiths Detection proprietary LCD Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology to detect threat traces from a library of more than 20 explosives, narcotics and low volatility chemical agents, providing alarm and identification in around 5 seconds. A handheld probe with a disposable swab is used to sample surfaces, collecting trace quantities of material for analysis. The probe is then inserted into the XID and heated to vaporise the sample. The sample vapour is passed to the LCD 4 IMS for analysis and an alarm and identification result is displayed in around 5 seconds. Sampling and analysis with the LCD 4 XID is simple, robust and provides rapid, accurate results.

The LCD 4 XID is designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810 and is operable while wearing MOPP-IV and Level A personal protective equipment (PPE).

The expanded detection performance provided by the XID adapter significantly extends the capability of the LCD 4 while minimizing the cost, training requirements and other logistical burdens that can result from fielding new equipment.

Smiths Detection offers on-site training, customized preventative maintenance and technical support to ensure its technology functions at peak performance and meets the unique operational needs of customers.

Feature Highlights

  • Modifies the detection capability of the LCD 4 from vapours to deposited threats
  • The LCD 4 is reverted back to a vapour detector upon its removal from the adapter
  • System weight when battery powered is under 2.5 kg
  • Supplied with a pouch that protects the equipment and provides storage for all the consumables required on a mission
  • Operable when wearing Level APPE