The RIIDEye X-GN Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifiers detects and identifies radiation present in the environment using a simple, easy to understand interface. With nine different models to choose from, RIIDEye can easily adapt to nearly any scenario from security cargo screening to evaluating a water sample.

It is the only RIID with real time spectra build and SNM Assist to allow users to customise scan time, optimising in process misidentifications, based on real world variability.

With patented QCC Technology, the gamma scintillation detector capabilities are maximised. QCC resolves difficult peaks by expanding the number of channels, while simultaneously compressing high energy peaks to improve the signal to noise ratio.

Compressing higher energies and expanding lower energies, RIIDEye differentiates typical benign isotopes from those found in threat material such as SNM.

All RIIDEye models are ergonomically engineered for single grip operation and weight balanced for comfortable use, even in long term use scenarios.

The RIIDEye X-GN Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifiers requires little training to operate as its intuitive interface guides use to make effective and accurate measurements.

With its standard ANSI N42.42-2006 compliant spectral data format, data can be reviewed on reach back PC based Software.