ThreatID gives emergency and military responders the ability to accurately identify a vast range of chemical threats, even in complex mixtures.

ThreatID (Hazardous Materials Identifier) provides complete portable identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Narcotics and Explosives.  Using proven FTIR technology, it not only identifies solids and liquids, but also gases which pose the greatest danger to responders.

ThreatID is the ONLY portable FTIR system capable of identifying 5,500 gases & vapours​ and 23,000 powders and liquids​

Rapidly detect and identify more than 38,000 unknown gas/vapor, powder/liquid chemical threats, and mixtures with a single, portable tool, including samples of:

  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)​
  • Consumer Products​
  • Narcotics (including Fentanyl and Fentanyl derivatives)​
  • Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA)​
  • Explosives​
  • Household Chemicals​
  • Pharmaceuticals​

ThreatID: Gas Module

Gases present the greatest danger, but until now there have been few easy-to-use techniques to identify them. Gases absorb infrared light just as solids/liquids do. But the way a gas sample presents itself determines the sampling technique one would utilize. Dilute samples require more volume to fill the gas cell. The more volatile compounds will tend to move into the gas phase (or headspace) above the liquid sample. Headspace essentially is a separation technique in which volatile material may be extracted from a heavier sample matrix and injected into the ThreatID gas module for analysis. Only about 1mL of headspace from volatile liquids is needed to collect a good identification sample. When there is a gas leak that doesn’t have a liquid source or isn’t visible, one would need to collect up to 500mL of sample.

ThreatID: Powder/Liquid Module

The powders and liquids module of the ThreatID allows for an incredibly easy method for analysing a wide array of samples. The sensor is a rugged diamond plate; impervious to attack by chemicals. The sensor’s strength allows the user to crush solids for analysis using the integrated press. Liquids are even easier and do not require any pressure. Simply place the liquid on the sensor. The sensor is also very resistant to chemical attack and can run samples of any pH without degradation of the sensor. For analysis, a few particles of powder or a simple drop of liquid is enough to give a very intense signal and to allow for a complete search against the extensive libraries of the ThreatID. The sensor is ideal for the analysis of drugs and cutting agents, TICS/TIMS, acids/bases, CWAs, common white powders, explosives and many other chemicals. This analysis is supported with more than 23,000 spectra in the reference libraries.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy to use.  10 second module change over from powders and liquids to gases and vapours. Touch screen and on-screen tutorials.
  • Outstanding safety. Warns the user of dangerous samples.
  • Reliable. Pairing cutting edge technology with innovative software features and 24/7/365 Reachback support, the ThreatID provides sample identification you can rely on.
  • Fail safe. No alignment, calibration, or configuration required
  • Rugged. Diamond ATR sample interface

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