Firstline Technology DeconKeg

A great alternative to electrostatic sprayers! First Line Technology’s DeconKeg™ portable sprayer is designed to be adaptable for large-scale decon missions or infectious disease control with a small-scale logistical footprint.


  • 4 ft. flexible hose
  • Pressurize with any air compressor
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Quick-connect valve for hose attachment
  • Viton-sealed trigger
  • Adjustable pattern nozzle
  • Flow control valve
  • Built-in pressure release valve
  • Holds pressure charge for 30 days
  • Portable


The DeconKeg Backpack Extension is now available for order! Transform your DeconKeg into a portable backpack sprayer in seconds. Order your Backpack Extension individually or as part of the DeconKeg Combo.