IDEX HME Colour Test Kit

IDEX HME Colour Test Kit is an explosives identifiers kit in which each identify only one category of explosive or precursor instead of testing for a broad range of explosives. The IDEX Series are designed to identify visible amounts of explosives through a colour change on a sampler tip – detecting/identifying bulk explosives rather than trace amounts of explosives.

Models in the IDEX Series would generally be used to:

  • Test found substances, visible to the naked eye, when particular explosives/precursors are of concern
  • Back-up sniffer or bench-top instruments to clear or verify alarms
  • Back-up screening kits such as Field Forensic’s ELITE series of colourimetric detection kits

Every IDEX tester is packaged in a convenient, disposable (and recyclable) plastic tube that is durable yet easy to open and is easily carried in a pant or shirt pocket – in fact several can fit into a pants pocket and ten or more into a cargo pocket.

IDEX HME Colour Test Kit features:

  • Portable and rugged packaging – no sharp edges to dig into skin
  • Small but easy to handle. Package is cylindrical less than 7.6 cm long and less ~ 2cm diameter
  • Reagents are fully contained – no exposure to the operator
  • Operator training in 15 minutes or less
  • Each kit is completely disposable
  • Kits contain no electronics and no ancillary equipment is required
  • Field test for each type of explosive or substance as marked on each kit
  • Each kit contains usage instructions and colour guide as well as a forensics label
  • Shelf-life of 2 years