Bertin Technologies Coriolis Micro – Microbial air sampler

The Coriolis Micro portable biological air sampler is a standard for testing air quality. Both indoors and outdoors, it’s the most efficient biological air sampler: It can take just 10 minutes to collect airborne particles using its cyclonic technology paired with a high suction rate. By generating samples in the fluid phase, Coriolis µ is compatible with rapid microbiological analysis methods.

Virus collection & detection

Coriolis air samplers can also be used to detect viruses in air samples. Virus-laden aerosols sampling presents many challenges. As viruses are often present at very low concentrations in the air, a large volume of air has to be collected to have reliable results. This can translate in an extremely time-consuming process —sometimes up to a week.

Thanks to its high flow rate – up to 300L/min– the Coriolis μ air sampler can be used to collect air samples for airborne virus detection in a few hours. Through its unique liquid cyclonic technology, it can collect viral particles in a chosen collection liquid. Coriolis μ samples are compatible with all rapid microbiology techniques such as qPCR or microarrays, and also NGS analysis. Virus concentrations as low as 100 genomes copies/m3 can be detected in collected air samples.

Coriolis Micro, an efficient portable biological air sampler

The Coriolis Micro biological air sampler weighs only 2.8 kg with its one-hour battery. Its small size makes it easy to transport, it is stable on its tripod, it is a perfect example of versatility and outdoor and indoor effective air quality monitoring.

The sampling time can vary from only a few minutes due to the high air flow (100 to 300 L/min) to more than 6 hours for extended air monitoring.

With Coriolis Micro, biocontamination analysis in medical or health environments, virological sampling, biological risk control, or even environmental pollution control directly in the field, only take a matter of hours. Its qualities are put to good use in the pharmaceutical, agri-food and veterinary industries, as well as in research and development.

Access to alternative technical analysis:

Thanks to its liquid collection media, Coriolis technology gives access to highly sensitive and specific results in only a few hours thanks to its compatibility with all biological standard methods, Culture, PCR, qPCR , ELISA, and more.

Split up your sample for different analyses:

With a consistent liquid volume of 15 mL, Coriolis prevents any saturation of the liquid media. It also allows the user to split up the final sample and thereby make several analyses which guarantees the representativity of the trials by testing the repeatability of the results.

Bio-contamination results beyond cultivable flora:

Analyzing by culture only allows users to count micro-organisms able to grow on agar dishes. However some biological particles in the air are not cultivable. By allowing the use of alternative techniques, Coriolis enables the count of total flora beyond the limit of cultivability.

Long time monitoring:

Air quality monitoring during a whole production process in aseptic zones or biosphere control can be critical. Coriolis equipment allows for continuous monitoring of the environment for up to 6 hours.