The Rapid Assessment Initial Detection (RAID) is a BioThreat Detection Kit that consists of 2  multichannel lateral-flow immunochromatographic devices that use two antibodies in combination to specifically detect each antigen. One of the antibodies is labeled with a colloidal gold derivative.

When sufficient antigen is present, the colloidal gold label provides a reddish-brown colored line that becomes visible in the test window on the device, forming a visible Test Line.

When a sample is added to sample ports of the RAID cassettes, it mixes with the colloidal gold-labeled antibody and the mixture moves along both 5 strip membranes. If the antigen is present, the second specific antibody captures the colloidal gold-labeled antibody and bound antigen, forming a colored line (Test Line) in the test window (right side) of the strip.

Available only to customers outside Australia.