PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack

The Thermo Scientific FHT 1377 GN-2 PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack is for the rapid, high sensitive detection and location of gamma and neutron radioactive sources with He-3 free neutron detector technology.

  • Natural Background Rejection (NBR) indicates artificial sources – no false alarm from NORM and natural background changes
  • Green flashing LED = Natural radiation (even at increased level); Red LED = Artificial radiation
  • Non He-3 technology with high neutron detection sensitivity superior to He-3 PackEye neutron detection sensitivity
  • User friendly via LED status and level indication and optional PDA with GPS function
  • Very light weight at 7.5 kg (FHT 1377 GN-2, gamma/neutron), 5 kg (FHT 1377 G, gamma only)
  • Low power consumption provides 30 hours of operation time from a full charge.

Remote Monitoring with optional PDA
The optional PDA allows remote monitoring, so that the PackEye can be sealed in a watertight rugged case and used as a portal monitor on a tripod stand, on a boat or as a vehicle mounted mobile detection system. The PDA offers additional information like the short term history / finder mode to enable the most effective searches. The PDA also displays live accurate gamma dose rates and neutron count rates that can be stored together with GPS data.