RAZOR Mk II BioDetection System

The RAZOR Mk II BioDetection System detects and identifies biological agents using cutting edge PCR technology.

The RAZOR Mk II BioDetection System uses BioFire’s patented pouch system—integrated freeze-dried reagents and special packaging for incomparable ease of use. BioFire has a selection of pre-formatted pouch configurations for the most common bioterror threats as well as the ability to custom formulate the pouches for individual needs.

Not For Diagnostic Use

RAZOR Mk II Features:

  • PCR Technology |  Identifies biological agents using PCR technology; this provides ultra-reliable DNA based lab analysis in the field.
  • Field Portable | A compact, battery-powered system with an onboard computer providing everything you need for testing in the field.
  • PPE Friendly | Created for first responders and front line military troops, this system comes with large push buttons and simple user interface making it easy to operate while working in protective equipment.
  • Simultaneously tests up to 12 real time PCR samples.
  • Results in 30 minutes.
  • Freeze-dried reagents; just add sample and water.
  • Validated for sensitivity and specificity on the RAZOR Mk II System.
  • Simple wizard-based user interface.
  • Automated qualitative analysis and text delineated exportable data