3.5 ton ECU

The 3.5 ton ECU has been designed for air conditioning, area cooling, dehumidifying and portable heating needs. Completely self-contained and portable, the single-phase model provides 40,500 BTU/H of cooling and 40,500 BTU/H heating while the three-phase model provides 42,000 BTU/H of cooling and 42,000 BTU/H heating. The thermostatic control is mounted inside the HVAC for protection. This unit is rated at 208 – 240V single-phase power and comes with a CS 6365 connector or 208 – 230V 3-phase power with a 60 Amp, IEC60309 connector.

Features include:

  • Cabinet made of powder coated, galvanized steel
  • Scroll compressors with copper tubing and aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Single stage cooling and heating with optional resistance heating
  • Forward curved circulating fan, axial condenser fan
  • TXV (thermal expansion valve) standard
  • 14″ ducts
  • Motor protected by breakers and contactors
  • Internal thermal protection and motor contactor protections for the compressor
  • High and low pressure switches and high pressure relief valve for cooling system safety
  • High temperature bi-metal disk cut-out for heating safety
  • Selector switch for auto temperature control or fan always on
  • Room air sensing thermostat

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