60K IECU and S60K IECU

The 60K IECU and S60K IECU (Improved Environment Control Unit) establish a new level of environmental control for soft-wall and rigid-wall shelters, trailers, and fixed facilities. Using environmentally acceptable refrigerant, scroll compressor technology, and microchannel coils results in substantial weight reduction compared to existing designs. For field applications, inrush current reduction permits reduced generator sizing compared to other similar environmental control units. Simplified electronics and embedded diagnostics capability also reduce maintenance requirements.

HDT also developed a reduced height version of the US Army 60K Improved Environmental Control Unit (IECU) designated S60K IECU. This unit accommodates customers needing to stack two ECUs for loading into standard tricon shipping containers.

Features include:

  • Environmentally acceptable refrigerants
  • Fully operational with 14 kW or higher generator sets
  • CBRN compatible
  • Full military qualification program
    • Reliability testing
    • Performance testing
    • Environmental testing
  • S60K IECU is 4″ shorter than Army’s program-of-record 60K IECU
  • Military-grade technical manuals available

Download Datasheet: 5 and 6 ton Basic ECU