DDM-18K Armored ECU

The HDT DDM-18K Armored ECU is a unique modular design by HDT Global to integrate with Dynamic Defense Materials, McCurdy Interlocking Shelter System. The DDM 18K ECU installs in a modified McCurdy 2 x 1 armored module using standard DDM mounting hardware. It integrates seamlessly into any new or existing system.

The fully armored HDT DDM-18K ECU is designed for ease of installation and provides outstanding performance in severe environments even when subjected to rough handling, sand, salt, dust, rain, snow, or extreme heat. The DDM-18K ECU operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -50°F to 125°F (-45.6°C to 51.7°C) providing nominal 18,000 BTU/H (5.3 kW) cooling capacity and 14,000 BTU/H (4.1 kW) electric resistive heating capacity.

The DDM-18K Armored ECU is equipped with a onboard operator control offering selectable OFF/VENT/HEAT/COOL operating modes and a manually adjustable thermostat. A power quality analyzer is embedded in the control panel to prevent operation during poor power quality or phase reversal conditions.

Features include:

  • McCurdy’s Armored ECU is a vertical ECU that integrates cooling with McCurdy’s Interlocking Armor System
  • ECU incorporates the McCurdy’s armor 2 x 1 frame. Frame is powder coated aluminum.
  • Environmentally acceptable R-410A refrigerant
  • Evaporator blower motor and wheel has a motorized impeller with integral inlet bell
  • Two speed condenser blower for low ambient operation
  • Reliable, energy efficient, Copeland Scroll™ Compressor
  • Severe duty finned tube electric heater elements
  • Condenser coil features two row deep, high performance micro-channel design
  • Evaporator coil has aluminum fins/copper tubes to assure optimal heat transfer
  • Incline operation 10° from horizontal in any direction

Download Datasheet: DDM-18K Armored ECU