20mm Recoilless MKIII Waterjet Disruptor

The latest version of the Proparms 20mm Recoilless MKIII Waterjet Disruptor is lighter and more efficient. The MKIII is 98% recoilless. At 4.9kg ready to fire, it is ideally suited for robotic applications. The lack of recoil minimises damage to the mechanics on robotic platforms. This not only saves money on expensive repairs, but also reduces the time a robot may be out of commission. The 20mm Recoilless Disruptor (MKIII) offers an effective solution. It can be used to disrupt small and medium targets. As with the 12.5mm Recoilless Disruptor, the 20mm Recoilless Disruptor can also be mounted on a standard Camera Tripod.

Unique Features

  • Removable Safety Pin in Breech Block for safeguard against premature discharge
  • Disrupting capability effective range up to 1 metre
  • Can be used in a variety of situations, including underwater

Physical Characteristics for 20mm RC MKIII Disruptor


  • Height on Stand:Max approx. 69cm
  • On Camera Tripod: Up to approx 152cm 
  • Length (complete system): 51cm
  • Width (complete system): 14.2cm
  • Weight (complete system): 4kg  Unloaded – no water/cartridge/slug/frangible
  • Composition: Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminium
  • Ignition Voltage: P-Series Blasting Machine; 24 volts, 1 amp
  • Wire Connection: Push Button
  • For robot use: With or without accessories
  • Recoil System: 98% recoilless
  • Aiming system: 20mm Dual Pointer


  • Composition: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 38cm
  • Weight: 2kg 
  • Bore diameter: 20mm 
  • Vertical adjustment: 270° 
  • Horizontal adjustment: 360°, for multi-purpose positioning

Download Datasheet