EOD 9N Bomb Suit and Helmet Ensemble

NIJ-certified protection for bomb disposal technicians

The EOD 9N is the model revision of the successful EOD 9 bomb suit, tested and certified to the requirements of NIJ Standard 0117.01 (Standard Requirements for Bomb Suits) of the US National Institute of Justice. Suit and helmet are fully compatible with the optional accessories for the previous model EOD 9.

The EOD 9N was specifically designed to counter the threat of an explosive blast, making it much easier to conduct operational missions. It provides protection against overpressure, fragmentation, impact as well as heat.

By carefully distributing the protective materials over the entire body, it offers an unprecedented balance of protection and flexibility – for example, the sliding lower body protection plate can be easily pushed back to allow squatting, bending, and climbing movements. The EOD 9-/9A helmet provides safe protection against the effects of explosions and has been designed to be not only user-friendly, but also extremely comfortable, so that the user does not tire as quickly, longer operating times are possible and user safety is further increased.

To be Certified, a bomb suit and helmet must meet numerous criteria, as shown below. The EOD 9N meets or exceeds all these criteria.

  • Blast
  • Weight & Mobility
  • Fragmentation
  • Field of View
  • Impact
  • Donning & Doffing
  • Flame & Heat
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Drag Rescue Device
  • Label Durability (Wear and Chemical Resistance

Certification Requirements:

It is very important to note that in order to be ‘Certified’, a suit and helmet must both meet all the criteria in the standard. The testing must be conducted by an NIJ approved laboratory and by NIJ approved supervisors. Self-certification and retroactive certification are not possible. All components, including the Jacket, Trousers, Groin Protector, Back Protector and Helmet must pass all of the testing and must be worn together. Any claims of a suit being ‘compliant’ but not ‘Certified’ should be questioned to protect the safety of the end user.


  • Fully CERTIFIED to the NIJ Standard 0117.01 for Public Safety Bomb Suits (Note that any 3rd party claims to be “Compliant” or “Designed to Meet” are NOT “Certified”.)
  • Excellent protection from explosive blast threats, overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame
  • Shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) when dealing with a Radio Controlled IED (RCIED)
  • A Chemical Protective Undergarment (CPU) can be worn under the Med-Eng EOD 9N bomb suit to provide a level of chemical/biological (CBRN) blast protection
  • Remote Control Unit for finger tip control of EOD 9N Bomb Disposal Helmet functions
  • Optional Med-Eng BCS 4 Body Cooling System provides personal cooling to mitigate risk of heat stress
  • Groin plate retracts for easier kneeling
  • Integrated carrying pouch to hold the optional BaquaPak for hydration
  • Available in olive drab (standard color), navy blue or desert tan, each with black webbing trim
  • Ergonomic bomb suit design
  • Spare Parts – Med-Eng offers 1st level (field/user repairable) Spare Parts so users can replace lost or damaged components in the field. This reduces ‘down time’, keeps a unit operational and reduces administrative costs