De Armer

The De Armer 50 Cal DA utilizes the same plain slug and chisel projectiles as the current in service US/UK/NATO De Armers. The body of the tool is constructed in high tensile tempered stainless steel which achieves a very high safe hoop strength and eliminates rust and long term corrosion. An optional screw on Muzzle Brake is available to significantly reduce recoil The diameter of the De Armer body is the same as that of the CSL Vulkan Disrupter barrels so that it can if desired be held in position in the Vulkan/Viper multi position stand.

It will freely exit the stand on firing. A new feature is the addition of a port through which the firing cable can be looped ensuring that it stays attached the firing cable making it easy to find and recover after firing. A simple lightweight aluminium Multi Position Stand is available as an option.

The De Armer is designed to destroy, cut off or part fuses dynamically thereby neutralizing the fuse before it is activated, using NATO RSPs. The De Armer can be set up freestanding for example utilizing sandbags or in a compatible multi position stand permitting it to be deployed at a suitable angle. This specialist tool is designed to be used with various appropriate currently inservice leaded 50 cal power cartridges.