Fuse Extractor

The Fuse Extractor No 8 Mk3 is an EOD tool designed for manually removing a range of nose and tail fuses particularly in situations where a collateral hazard makes it unsafe to use a Rocket Wrench.  With the optional Side Pocket Fuse Adapter Kit this specialist tool can be used to unscrew certain side pocket fuses.  With nose and tail fuses the Fuse Extractor is clamped around the fuse. Then, from 100 meters a repetitive torque action can be applied to unscrew and remove the fuse.  Certain side pocket fuses can be removed using the Side Pocket Fuse Adapter Kit.

Fuse Extractor Kit Includes:

  • 100m Braided Stainless Steel Cable or Dyneema high tech cord, on Aluminium Drum
  • Return Spring Assembly
  • Clamping Assembly with Rotating Hammer Plate all in aluminium and stainless steel
  • Spare Roller Jaws, Spares, Fairleads and Tools
  • Peli Transit Case with Hard Foam Inserts
  • Optional Side Pocket Fuze adapter Kit comprising Brass Adapter Assembly and 4 + 2 Spigot Plates

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Overall weight of kit in transit case: 17kg
  • Weight & Dimensions of Peli 1510 Transit Case: 559 x 351 x 229mm