MD3000 Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

MD3000 Multi-Purpose Metal Detector is suitable for use by police, military and civilian users. It addresses requirements for crime scene and area search, explosive ordnance clearance. The MD3000 builds on the trusted performance of the MD2000, approved and used by police services around the world. The new detector introduces simplified controls, an improved ergonomic design and advanced battery management. It is weather resistant and designed to withstand extended periods of use in harsh environments while providing a high level of sensitivity.

The detector is particularly easy to use, with simple and intuitive controls. The instrument is made ready simply by selecting the required sensitivity level from one of three preset levels. For operator confidence, a status LED illuminates green when the unit is on and operating correctly and flashes to indicate low battery conditions. Target detection is indicated by an intuitive LED array and audio tone, delivered by an internal sounder or optional earpiece.

The detector is microprocessor controlled, performing continual background diagnostics and advanced power management functions. The instrument is powered with three easily replaced ‘D’ cells. The power-efficient design gives approximately 12 hours of use from a single set of alkaline batteries. The unit will also operate from rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride cells.