HBI-120 (120 keV) Handheld Backscatter

The Viken HBI-120 is a rugged, handheld x-ray imager that enables users to quickly and cost-effectively find concealed narcotics; cash, fraudulent payment cards, and other monetary instruments; bulk explosives; and other contraband through automotive body panels, upholstery, drywall, and a wide variety of other materials.The HBI-120’s unique design and simple Android™ user interface enables law enforcement, customs and border patrol officers, and security forces to quickly and easily locate concealed threats and contraband in motor vehicles, ships and watercraft, aircraft, steel drums, trash receptacles, mailboxes, abandoned bags, and countless other locations.

Weighing only 3.7 kg, the HBI-120 scans objects using a miniaturised, 120 keV x-ray generator that produces a raster-scanning pencil beam of x-rays. As the HBI-120 is moved over the object, a scanned x-ray image of the object is displayed in real-time on HBI-120’s high-resolution LCD touchscreen and is simultaneously saved in both tiff and jpeg format in the instrument’s memory.

The HBI-120 capability can be increase by using the Broadwing-LAD accessories

Download Viken Handheld Backscatter Comparison