EOD 10 Bomb Suit and Helmet Ensemble

The introduction of the EOD 10 Bomb Suit and Helmet Ensemble sets a new gold standard for blast protection, ergonomic design and technical capabilities. This Med-Eng multi-year development program focused on a user-centric design to provide the best possible overall experience and the results are outstanding.

It is significantly lighter, more comfortable and gives users much greater mobility. The jacket and trousers have been completely redesigned to reduce weight and fatigue. Its new and enhanced ambient air ventilation systems keep users feeling refreshed and focused. The improved fit and new materials enable bomb disposal technicians and military EOD operators to operate more freely in difficult locations for longer periods of time.

The EOD helmet has been completely redesigned to improve situational awareness, protection and fit. The EOD 10 helmet integrates a Voice Command system and new light discipline options, and provides enhanced warning and confirmation systems to support users in a variety of operational environments.

The EOD 10 bomb suit and helmet ensemble gives EOD operators superior balanced protection against the four main blast threats: overpressure, fragmentation, impact and heat. It should also be noted that Med-Eng evaluated and carefully applied the latest lightweight protective materials to increase overall protection whilst significantly reducing weight. 


  • More ergonomic suit design to reduce weight and increase mobility and flexibility
  • Completely new helmet to increase protection and improve fit
  • Integrated voice command system to keep the user’s hands free to carry or deploy tools
  • Helmet and remote control unit work as an integrated system to enhance situational awareness that helps the user interact with their environment and be informed
  • Enhanced ventilation to mitigate heat stress and keep the user feeling refreshed and focused
  • Improved foot protection system for a customised fit and natural walking motion
  • Mission-specific lighting to give the user the best option for their operational environment
  • Shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures when dealing with a Radio Controlled IED

The Med-Eng EOD 9 Bomb Suit and Helmet ensemble has been designed with direct input from bomb disposal technicians to provide the highest degree of modular protection and operational flexibility for EOD and CBRN missions. The Med-Eng EOD 9 platform can be configured in the field by EOD or IEDD technicians based on the suspected presence of a CBRN agent in an IED.