BlasterOne DCTX

Dual Combination Tactical Exploder

Specifically designed for Energetic Breaching, the DCTX is a compact, high-energy, capacitive discharge Combination Blasting Machine. Dual Combination means that the DCTX is a true dual shock tube shooter that also fires EBCs, and Electric Breech. The DCTX’s compact body can fit in a radio pouch ( or similar) and requires just one hand to operate. Shock tubes can be secured using attachment loops.


Electrical Blasting

  • 390 VDC @ 11.4 Joules (Avg.) firing energy
  • Capable of initiating over 75 caps in series
  • Lead wires connect to integrated, touch-proof Push Posts for shooting EBCs, or an Electric Breech
  • Fires an Electric Breech with a 100ms pulse; breech is automatically released, even if FIRE is maintained

Shock Tube Initiation

  • Dual Mk.5 Firebolt Plasma Igniters dual-prime shock tube simultaneously
  • Shoots up to 75 shots per tip; easily replaceable, 1/8” Phono-plug design
  • Fits 2.85 mm commercial (yellow), and 3 mm Mil-Spec (olive green) shock tube

Easy To Use

  • Press shock tubes into ports, or connect lead wires to Push Posts
  • Use attachment loops for more secure fitting- Turn on and select Firing Mode (ST for Shock Tube)
  • Press and maintain ARM Button to charge the firing circuit
  • A vibration silently indicates when the firing circuit is charged and ready to fire
  • Maintain ARM Button and press FIRE Button once vibration is felt; release both buttons after firing

Intrinsically Safe Design

  • Auto-Abort instantly and safely discharges the capacitor up(prior to pressing FIRE)
  • Cannot fire until fully charged
  • Requires two separate and distinct operations to fire
  • pressing FIRE prior to a full charge will disable the charging circuit until it is released


  • 3-Level Dimmable Display, suitable for NVG use
  • Custom-molded, Glass-filled Nylon
  • IPX7 Compliant
  • Submersible to a depth of 1 m (3’ 4”) for 30 minutes max ingress will occur if submerged deeper or longer

Small and Lightweight

  • Fits in a radio or AR-15 mag pouch
  • 2.8” wide x 5.25” long x 1.4” thick; 11 ounces (with cells)
  • Uses two CR123A 3V cells (good for about 300 shots, depending on battery type and quality, and operating temperature)