20mm Neutrex Waterjet Disruptor

The 20mm Neutrex Waterjet Disruptor played a pivotal role in establishing Proparms as a global leader in disruptor technology. Many still regard it as the ultimate “all-purpose disruptor” available in the market today. This versatile device excels in various scenarios, including underwater applications.

Both manual and robot deployment options are available for the 20mm Neutrex Waterjet Disruptor. It operates efficiently with robot power supplies, requiring a current of 24 volts per 1 amp. Setting it up is simple, as no tools are necessary. The unit’s hollow construction minimizes blast barriers, while the unique cable-locking cam on the stand ensures a secure firing line. The entire setup and deployment process typically takes approximately 2 ½ minutes.

Notable Features:

– Breech Block with a removable safety pin for added protection against premature discharge.
– Anti-slip ring integrated into the Barrel to prevent sliding in the Clamp.
– Recoil Reduced Venturi that diminishes recoil by approximately 15% (for water shots only).
– Barrel Clamp equipped with a locking nut.
– Optional accessory: Optical Sight for precise aiming with a 3-meter standoff.

The 20mm Neutrex Waterjet Disruptor boasts an effective disrupting range of up to 3 meters.

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