EOD 9A Helmet for EOD/ IEDD Operations

The Med-Eng EOD 9A Helmet is the world’s first EMC Class A Helmet for EOD/IEDD operations. It enables bomb disposal technicians to work with IEDD equipment in an increasingly harsh ECM RF environment. The EOD 9A Helmet is a major component in dealing successfully with the RCIED threat.

The advanced design of Med-Eng EOD 9A Helmet allows it to suppress unwanted signals and stringently control emissions while maintaining the superior blast protection of the Med-Eng EOD 9 Helmet.  It also offers the same operational capabilities of the EOD 9 Helmet, such as the interchangeable EOD Visor and optional BA Visor for situations where a CBRN threat is suspected.


  • Defence Standard 59-41, Class A compliant
  • Military Standard 461E (MIL STD) compliant
  • Superior balanced protection against overpressure, fragmentation, impact and heat
  • Interchangeable EOD and BA Visors for conventional and CBRN threat operations
  • Includes a Remote Control Module with an adapter for the EOD 9A Helmet, to provide tactile control and visual status of all helmet functions
  • On-board back-up power batteries
  • Locking Visors can be raised during rest and for easier donning and doffing
  • Complete Environmental Awareness System and communications
  • Novel retention system stabilises helmet at critical moment in case of blast or blunt impact

The Med-Eng EOD 9A Helmet is designed to integrate with the Med-Eng EOD 9 Bomb Suit for complete EOD/IEDD blast protection.