Skydio Dock and Remote Ops

Skydio Dock and Remote Ops: Built for each other

Designed together from the ground up, Skydio Dock hardware and Remote Ops software are fully integrated and provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Skydio Dock works seamlessly with Skydio drones which connect effortlessly to Skydio Cloud.

Together, they allow you to do everything from scheduling to live-streaming and storing media through a single, trusted resource in Australia and New Zealand.

No piloting necessary

Autonomous Missions enable your docked drone to perform standardized inspections and other complex operations without the need for a pilot. Skydio Visual Positioning System (VPS) enables highly precise flights, ensuring the same high-quality data capture time after time. Monitor progress and notice anomalies as they happen without even being there.

Easy mission planning

The intuitive interface of Mission Planner makes it easy to create, edit, schedule, and execute even the most complex operations from a browser. Plan Autonomous Missions from an overhead view, or by manual flight controls, making quick work of even the most complex tasks. Mission Alerts ensure you and your team are in the loop.

Fly instantly from anywhere

TeleOp allows you to take manual control of the drone for on-demand visibility. Launch the drone from Dock or commandeer an active Autonomous Mission. When you’re done getting a closer look, your drone will safely fly back to Dock autonomously with the click of a button.

Easy data capture in the hardest places

Obtain limitless visibility and automate inspection of your sites with autonomous, remote drone operations anywhere.

Access High-Risk Areas Safely

Send intelligent, self-flying drones rather than people when there is risk of fall, debris, radiation, or other hazards. Complex indoor or outdoor environments are no obstacle for Skydio.

Standardize Repetitive Inspections

Capture the same high-quality dataset repeatedly with precise, AI-powered Autonomous Missions to monitor progress and detect changes without the need for a human on site or in the loop.

Be In Multiple Places At Once

Remotely operate your worldwide drone fleet and obtain critical, real-time data from the convenience and comfort of your desk or anywhere else using a secure, trusted solution.

Gain Continuous Awareness

Continuously patrol any environment with autonomous eyes in the sky, or manually control the drone from anywhere for instant visibility, obtaining the point of view only a drone can capture.

It’s only possible with Skydio Autonomy.

A successful dock program relies on drones that are trusted to sense their environment and fly themselves. Skydio is the only truly intelligent drone built with an autonomy architecture and an integrated hardware-software approach.

With the groundbreaking Skydio Visual Positioning System (VPS), Skydio maps its environment in real time and remembers it for future missions.

Ensuring safety and quality through rigorous compliance standards

The Skydio Dock and Remote Ops undergoes a comprehensive compliance check in Australia and New Zealand performed by EPE Through Life Support team to meet OEM specifications.

Secure and Trustworthy

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant
Designed, assembled and supported in the U.S.

Secure and Trustworthy_NDAA_Compliance_Made in America_CASA_Approved