Andros FX

Andros FX  was designed with the user in mind, created from the ground up based on over 30 years of Remotec unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) experience guided by our customer’s requirements. A culmination of advanced mobility and high dexterity in one vehicle, the Andros FX  provides unmatched capabilities to defeat vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in addition to many other threats. Andros FX  expands the user’s ability to complete a wide range of missions faster and with greater confidence, all while maintaining Andros’ global reputation for rugged, reliable, easy-to-use vehicles.

Track-Pod Mobility

  • Quad articulators provide the mobility needed for the widest range of scenarios
  • Each track pod can be controlled individually to the level the vehicle on uneven terrain, increasing the flexibility of employment and minimising concerns about vehicle tip-overs

Nine Degrees of Freedom Arm

  • Two additional roll joints provide the ability to access vehicles and manoeuvre in confined spaces such as parking lots and buildings previously out of reach
  • Significantly increased lift capacity of objects and greater dexterity for handling the toughest missions
  • Gripper palm camera with lights for faster, more accurate grasping

Improved Menu System

  • Eighteen factory presets allow for rapid positioning of the arm and articulators
  • 3-D vehicle avatar helps operators view and visualise the configuration of the arm and articulators
  • One or four cameras can be displayed – Single-camera mode offers three picture-in-picture camera windows that can be moved and resized
  • Diagnostic and maintenance information provided via touch screen graphics