ICOR’s next-generation, most technologically advanced EOD robot meets the demands of today’s bomb technicians

The Smartest robot in the CALIBER® family, the CALIBER FLEX offers a lift capacity of 80 lbs (36kg). Its Command & Control Unit provides automatic pre-set positioning to facilitate rapid deployment; and a 3D avatar that offers real-time positional feedback on the actual position of the robot. The Robot also comes equipped with:


To increase mission effectiveness, the CALIBER FLEX CCU improves upon the familiarity of the battle-proven CCU interface used in other CALIBER robots. A combination of LCD capacitive touchscreen buttons, variable speed joysticks, and membrane push buttons group the major functions of the robot into a logical and familiar sequence.

The real-time 3D avatar provides better awareness of the robot’s position by highlighting the selected function in green. Preset positions make it faster to deploy the robot, configure it for a specific mission and then stow it home once finished.

The CALIBER FLEX has the option of an easy-to use gamepad controller in addition to the standard features on the CCU. This allows for simultaneous multi-axis control of the manipulator arm, enhancing fine motor skill operations. Using the gamepad controller is easy with the on-screen diagram showing the button functions.

Disrupter System and Mounts

CALIBER FLEX has the ability to mount two recoilless disrupters on the manipulator arm and will work with most major brands.

Once the operator selects the disrupter system from the toolbox, the 3D avatar will update with a visual representation of that disrupter. Loading the disrupter is simplified by using the weapon load preset position.

Lasers, Sensors, and Circuits

The CCU has on-board crosshairs for aiming that are calibrated with the LIDAR measuring sensor and green lasers. With gold and red laser assemblies make it easy to differentiate which disrupter is selected for firing.

Also, the CALIBER FLEX has 5 sets of 24V firing circuits, conveniently located on the claw, disrupter mount and on the deck. Each firing circuit has an individually configurable hold time.

Drive System

Strong, robust and precise are the core attributes of the CALIBER FLEX drive system. Operators will note the powerful drive motors that reach full torque at zero speed with precise control, making it easier to manoeuvre through obstacles with confidence.

Preset Stair Positions

The preset positions for climbing stairs take the guesswork out of approaching, ascending, and descending stairs. With a push of a button the CALIBER Flex will automatically set the flippers to the optimal position to traverse stairs.


The combination of front and rear articulating flippers and rubber tracks make this medium-sized robot effortlessly drive over rough terrain and climb 45⁰ stairs with stability.

The CALIBER FLEX comes with 2-stage transmission, with 3 drive modes and variable speed joystick can drive up to 3.7 mph (6km/h) and make 0⁰ radius turns. Front & rear drive cameras have overlaid guidelines to assist with driving.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Transmit crisp, clear video images with excellent Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) operations using Mesh COFDM IP radios
  • Quickly deploy robot using one- button touchscreen preset positions
  • Increase situational awareness with real-time 3D avatar positioning
  • Simplify disrupter aiming with new and improved lasers and integrated LIDAR
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use CCU interface with flexible controls; your choice of simultaneous gamepad and/or push buttons and joysticks