Hunter WOLF (Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower)

Hunter WOLF (Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower) is a rugged 6 x 6 load-carrier for dismounted infantry. Closely matching the mobility of infantry, the Hunter WOLF can traverse narrow trails, steep slopes and dense jungles. Using only internal fuel, the vehicle has a range of over 300 km with a 120-hour endurance. The vehicle’s diesel/electric hybrid power-train provides silent operation capability.

The ruggedness and simplicity of Hunter WOLF make it very affordable. The HDT Hunter WOLF is designed to support future growth, with an internal 20 kW generator that can export up to 15 kW of power. Hard-points on every surface allow heavy payloads and armour kits to securely mount to the vehicle’s frame.


  • Rugged design, developed by HDT specifically for demanding conditions
  • Carries over 1,000 kg off-road
  • Can drive up to 300 km using internal JP-8 or diesel | Range can be extended to over 1,000 km with long range fuel tanks
  • 120 hours of operations without resupply |Over 320 hours with long-range fuel tanks
  • Exports five kilowatts of power
  • Open architecture and full compatibility with Robotic Operating System (ROS)
  • Series electric hybrid power-train provides silent operation capability
  • Demonstrated modular mission payloads