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Cutting Edge Standoff explosives and hazardous chemicals detection protecting our soldiers

Portable Raman IED Detection Systems (PRIED) provides stand-off detection of Explosives, Narcotics and Chemicals and removes the operator from the threat area allowing them to detect from a distance. The video looks at the cutting edge work being achieved by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) working with Alakai to reduce the size of the system from man-packable to handheld. EPE has been funded 950k by the Australian Defence Innovation Hub to deliver a Prototype for our Maritime boarding parties in support of our Navy’s Counter Narcotic program in the gulf.  PRIED was designed primarily for employment in the land domain and has not been built with consideration for salt water ingress. The Maritime PRIED project will deliver a PRIED prototype that has been optimised for maritime operations with the intent of providing enhanced protection to RAN boarding parties. This project is scheduled for completion in Nov 2018.