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EOD10. The most trusted BOMBSUIT across the world

EOD10 the most trusted Bombsuit accross the world

EOD10 is the world’s most trusted suit and is in-service with:

  • All four main branches of the United States military use Med-Eng Bomb Suits.  The US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves have all selected the EOD 10 generation Bomb Suit to protect their EOD teams.  The US Army selected Med-Eng to build and deliver the ABS II Bomb Suit.
  • Over 50 countries have adopted the EOD 10
  • Four of the Five Eyes countries have purchased the EOD 10 (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA)
  • 24 of the 30 NATO Member countries have bought the EOD 10
  • Med-Eng is the only company to have an NIJ certified bomb suit.
  • Med-Eng suits are also used at all levels of US Federal law enforcement with an explosive related response requirement.
  • Med-Eng bomb suits are used by every State, County, and Municipal Bomb Squad through the United States. An ever-growing number of these squads are using the EOD 10.