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EPE at Land Warfare Conference this week

The EPE Team is at Land Warfare Conference (LWC) this week. We have great support from our overseas equipment manufacturers with subject matter experts coming from Canada, UK and the US.

Allen-Vanguard has 3 representatives here including Mark Henry, Product Line Director Allen Vanguard Integrated Solutions – Crew Surviviability; Al Bannett, Sales Director Asia Pacific; and Dr Aris Makris, Vice President of Research and Development.

Duane Stokes is Director of International Sales for Tactical Electronics. Tactical Electronics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialist Explosive Ordnance Disposal tools, tactical equipment and wireless camera systems.

Andy Herrod from DHS Systems International is also with us. DHS is the manufacturer of the Drash deployable shelter system. Drash is internationally recognised as an exceptional integration of shelter, utilities, communications and tactical mobility.

Scanna International is represented by Jason Pett, subject matter expert in X-Ray Systems for explosive detection.