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EPE hosts Ken Pirie, former Deputy Director CTTC

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EPE is currently hosting Ken Pirie in Australia to collaborate on ADF Projects Land 3025 and Land 2110. EPE’s long relationship with Ken started in 1998 when EPE Director, Warwick Penrose participated in Live Agent Training at DRDC Canada as part of the ADF’s preparations for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  Since then, EPE and Ken have formed a positive working relationship that encourages and sustains the exchange of technical and operational information, ideas and experiences specific to the mitigation and management of terrorist driven CBRN threats.

Ken Pirie retired from Canadian federal government service in 2012 as the Head/Demilitarization Operations and International Training Programmes at the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Suffield, Alberta.

He specialized in explosive engineering application, blast physics, chemical and conventional ordnance disposal, demilitarization project management specific to the recovery, process and destruction of abandoned chemical weapons and the design, implementation and management (use) of specialized prototype equipment and systems employed in the destruction of chemical filled ordnance.

In 2006 Ken was acknowledged by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as a “Qualified Expert” in his field and as such, participated in OPCW operations specific to “Investigations of Alleged Use” of chemical weapons by opposing states parties.  As Deputy Director, Counter Terrorism Technology Centre, Ken directed global First Responder Training Programs (FRTP); he produced the curriculum and directed national live agent training operations for the Department of National Defence, militaries of foreign governments, other government agencies (foreign and domestic) as well as Canadian and International first response communities.