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EPE selected as RPDE Associate


20131206adf8588365_128-webEPE (Zangold Pty Ltd trading as EPE) is pleased to announce that the Australian Department of Defence’s Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) organisation has selected EPE to be an Associate of the RPDE Program.

Associates are generally academic institutions or specialist Australian companies with a relevant R & D Program.  The common selection criterion to join the program is that the organisation has to demonstrate it has skills and expertise in one or more of the following niche capability areas:

  • Military systems and materials/platform integration
  • Communications/electronics/networking
  • Human factors engineering/ operations research/ organizational analysis
  • Data/ information management/ fusion
  • Software development/ integration

RPDE was established as a unique collaboration between Defence, industry and academia, bringing together the best and brightest from across the defence industry spectrum. The aim is to utilise the formidable results that are possible when combining these forces in a neutral, non-competitive environment, knowing that intellectual property and commercial interests are protected.

On Friday 6th December, EPE attended a special event in Canberra for the signing of the Standing Offer and the Joining Deed by new Associates.

EPE looks forward to working closely with the RPDE Program and being able to apply its knowledge and expertise to assist in solving some of Defence’s most complex capability problems.

To view the RPDE announcement: