MESMER Counter Drone Solution

MESMER® is a revolutionary commercial counter-drone platform that was developed by Department 13 (D13). The MESMER Counter Drone/ Counter RPAS Solution utilises sophisticated detection and mitigation strategies that automatically detect, monitor, identify and mitigate a target drone or other radio-controlled device.

* The development and deployment of UAS detection, identification and mitigation technologies is a rapidly evolving area.  The different technologies and techniques currently available are subject to a range of State and Federal laws and regulations, with some technologies more restricted than others.  These laws and regulations are themselves in the process of being reviewed and amended where necessary to permit the authorised use of various Counter UAS technologies, and this situation continues to develop. EPE will provide guidance to potential customers, but it is the responsibility of the customer to comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations concerning the deployment and operation of Counter UAS systems. 

MESMER Counter Drone Solution

MESMER Detects, Identifies and Mitigates Drones.

MESMER can control the outcome of the drone

Drone-Home Mesmer Counter Drone Solution
Land-in-Place Counter Drone Solution
Safe-Zone Counter Drone Solution

How Does It Work?


Not a Jammer

Antennas Counter Drone Solution


Sniper-Gun Counter Drone Solution

Protocol Manipulation


What can MESMER protect?

As the numbers of drones in the community and industry increase exponentially, some individuals and groups are using drones for malicious purposes being a direct threat to public, private and government infrastructures. Some Aerial Systems have been weaponised to carry dangerous payloads, and have also been armed with optics that can surveil friendly force movements or capture valuable intellectual property from critical infrastructure and military facilities.

Army-Base MESMER Counter Drone Solution
Military Facilities
Stadium MESMER Counter Drone Solution
Public Events
Nuclear-Plant MESMER Counter Drone Solution
Critical Infrastructure
Airports MESMER Counter Drone Solution
High Profile Event_ G20 MESMER Counter Drone Solution
High Profile Events
Prison MESMER Counter Drone Solution
Correctional Facilities