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Tactical Electronics helps Investigators in Colorado Massacre

Broken Arrow Company Helps Investigators In Colorado Massacre

Jul 23, 2012 in New and Notable

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – Oklahoma’s Own gave a helping hand in the aftermath of the Colorado movie theater Massacre.
After a gunman opened fire in the theater, shooting 71 and killing 12, law enforcement began working overtime.

Investigators used bomb-searching equipment from a Broken Arrow company to help look through the suspect’s booby trapped apartment.

The company specializes in making products for the military and law enforcement to use during risky situations.

It’s the image that’s been captured this weekend — bomb squads trying to gain access into the Colorado shooting suspect’s booby-trapped apartment.

Investigators were seen holding a pole through the suspected gunman’s window. At the end, there’s a camera that can check out what’s going on inside.”

“It’s the eyes of the operator, and it allows them to gain an advantage to look into an area without exposing themselves,” Tactical Electronics Training Support Manager Heath Arning said.

Tactical Electronics sells things like the Long Pole Search System used in Colorado, as well as unmanned helicopters equipped with cameras.

After the Colorado footage hit airways, Heath Arning said an employee notified him that their equipment was being used in the high-profile case.

“We’re proud that our products are helping those guys do their job and try to do it safely despite how tragic this was,” Arning said. “We’re happy that our products can help them do their job.”

In this case, the cameras were able to show a trip wire at the suspect’s door, which was designed to trigger an explosion.

As a retired SWAT team member, Arning says proper equipment could be the difference between life and death.

“The ability to do these types of operations with less risk to yourself, because our first mission was to complete the mission at hand and secondly, we’re going to go home at the end of the shift,” Arning said.

Tactical Electronics sells products and provides training to law enforcement agencies across the globe.

The police department in Colorado already had purchased that pole camera before the shooting happened.

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