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We say goodbye to our second Defence Apprentice

2014 07 14 Defence Apprentice Dexter1 lo res

2014 07 14 Defence Apprentice Dexter1 lo resEPE has hosted our second Defence Apprentice and what a great young guy with a great attitude and work ethic. Dexter spent 6 weeks learning different aspects of our Defence Maintenance business working with our fully qualified technicians on :

  • fabrication and integration of am alarm system into ECM units
  • Assembly Guide for ECM alarm system
  • Technical Inspections of EOD9 suits at SOER and DEOTS
  • Technical Inspections of Dragon Runner UGVs at DNSDC
  • Elevation Motors on Talon UGV

EPE congratulate Dexter on your posting to 1st Regiment at Gallipoli Barracks.