DetectaChem SEEKER Pro APEX R7 Multi-Threat Detection and Identification Kit

The Most Comprehensive Multi-Threat Assessment Solution Available

The DetectaChem SEEKER Pro APEX R7 toolkit includes two (2) analytical technologies that enable users to rapidly assess trace, residue and bulk substances.

Swab surfaces, pills, packaging materials and more for trace detections with SEEKER Pro’s revolutionary new Spectrum Matrix Analysis technology.

Scan powders, liquids, solids and more with the APEX R7 advanced miniature Raman spectrometer.

Syncthe APEX 7 to the SEEKER Pro and create powerful and robust dual technology evidence collection reports in seconds.


  • Complete detection and identification solution.
  • Rapidly & accurately assess drugs, narcotics, precursors, explosives, HME’s, chemicals and more.
  • Single test detects multiple threats at once.
  • Ultra-simple operation with no downtime or calibration.
  • Ruggedized for the most extreme situations.
  • Robust and customizable report creation.


  • Advanced miniaturized 785 nm Raman spectrometer for noncontact identification and mixture analysis.
  • Vast Library of over 24,000 drugs, narcotics, precursors, toxic industrial chemicals and materials, explosives, HME materials, plastics common substances and more.
  • Cross Peak correlation algorithm for high accuracy library matching results and mixtures.
  • Fast results in 20 seconds or less.


  • Proprietary Matrix Spectrum Analysis technology for highly sensitive trace and residue detection.
  • Single swab test card can detect multiple explosive or drug threats at once.
  • Detect trace fentanyl, heroin, meth, cocaine, synthetics, CBD, THC, xylazine, TATP, HMTD. C4, RDX, TNT, black powder, smokeless powder and much more.
  • Limits of detection as low as 50 nanograms