XplorIR Handheld Gas Identification


The XplorIR can identify over 5,500 gases at low part per million (ppm) concentrations.  It is the first handheld FTIR identification tool with this breadth and sensitivity.  The lightweight device can be used on scene, measuring the gas at its source.  The XplorIR can identify many dangerous gases, including toxic industrial compounds (TICs), flammables, corrosives, industrial gases, and many other chemicals at operationally relevant levels.

Features and Benefits of XplorIR

  • SENSITIVE | Identify chemicals at low PPM concentrations with no sample preparation.
  • RAPID ANSWERS | Less than 20 seconds for results.
  • SPECIFIC | Positive identification of gases and vapors using proven FTIR technology.
  • EASE OF USE | No sample prep required. Continuous, automatic detection of gases and vapors in real time.
  • ROBUST | Work in the harshest environments including high temperature and high humidity.

RedWave introduces the “TEAMLEADER” app

  1. Access to current XplorIR results from anywhere
  2. Real-time XplorIR GPS location
  3. Access to proprietary threat database
  4. 24/7 access to Reachback
  5. Click Below to Download for iOS or Andriods!
  6. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/team-leader-by-redwave/id1613266216

Technical Use Case – Oxygen Displacement and XplorIR

Below is an example on how to optimize XplorIR use with a PID

Download Datasheet