RadEye PRD4 & RadEye PRD-ER4

Achieve highly sensitive radiation detection with few nuisance alarms with the RadEye PRD4 and RadEye PRD-ER4 Personal Radiation Detectors.

RadEye PRD4 and RadEye PRD-ER4 save users valuable time adjudicating alarms while increasing scanning throughput. Using Natural Background Rejection (NBR) Technology, the RadEye PRD4 and RadEye PRD-ER4 ignore fluctuations in naturally occurring radiation (NORM) while analyzing the energy imbalance of artificial radiation. Additionally, these radiation detectors identify the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills.

The RadEye PRD4 and RadEye PRD-ER4 Personal Radiation Detectors enable accurate dose rate measurements across the broader gamma spectrum, providing a greater assurance of personal safety. The neutron indication capability of the RadEye PRD4 provides an additional layer of detection critical to determining the level of radiation threat.

Efficiency in the field
  • Larger display
  • Neutron indication capability
  • 25% improved sensitivity over previous model
  • Linear high dose rate detector
Easy information, smarter decisions
  • No retraining or relearning for infrequent users
  • Get results automatically, without the need to press buttons
  • Quickly guides you through next steps after an alarm
  • Simple 4 button design
  • Comprehensive data neatly organized and presented on screen
Rugged and practical
  • Can be worn in holster or standard service belt
  • Small and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Drop resistant to 1.5m
  • IP65
  • Can be operated in extreme temperatures