EQUINOX Vehicle-Mounted Electronic Countermeasure

The EQUINOX Vehicle-Mounted Electronic Countermeasure is Allen-Vanguard’s latest vehicle-based Electronic Warfare (EW) platform used to defeat Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs).

This jammer is the result of Allen-Vanguard’s deep understanding of the RCIED threat and advanced ECM technology innovation. It is a hybrid multi-function system with next-generation radio frequency sensing and jamming protection.

The open, software-definable architecture ensures EQUINOX is the most flexible electronic warfare platform on the international market. Its modular and adaptive design provides a future-proof capability that program managers seek and increasingly expect. EQUINOX is fully networkable and operates seamlessly with communications systems of all types. With its user-definable software and scalable hardware configuration EQUINOX enables users to meet both current and emerging threats, and plays a vital role in any counter terrorism solution strategy.  It offers a capability that anticipates and meets the needs of users long into the future for frequency spectrum dominance – and affordability.


  • User-definable software for rapid and easy reconfiguration
  • Simultaneous active jamming, reactive jamming and simple communications
  • Modular and adaptive open architecture
  • C4I compatibility ensuring seamless operation with battlefield assets
  • Scalable hardware configuration
  • Future-proof, flexible, scalable and adaptable
  • Efficient thermal air cooled design

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