BLASTech Seating – Air Ride Seat

Designed for engineering & heavy duty vehicles, the Jankel BLASTech Seating – Air Ride seat features air suspension, elevation adjustment and 180° rotation. This proven, rugged, consistent and in-service mitigation system features a seat design off the shelf solution and fully certified to road legislation requirements (FMVSS and ECE-16).  

 Key Features:

  • Improved ride with built-in air ride system
  • Adjustability – fore/aft, elevation, 180° rotation
  • Custom runners

In Service / Designed For:

  • JCB 535-95  
  • JCB 541-70
  • FMTV
  • PLS

Led by a passion for engineering and eye for creative design, every Jankel product solves a particular challenge. Jankel built its expertise through a combination of testing, simulation and in theatre experience and as a result have proven and dependable solutions in service the world over.

Form development design and engineering to testing, manufacturing and delivery every product gives the same built in precision, continuity and attention dto detail.