BlastRide Blast Mitigating Seat Technology

BlastRide Blast Mitigating Seat Technology offers protection and comfort to military personnel by mitigating the effects of mine and explosive device blasts. Blast and laboratory tests have demonstrated that the mitigation technology employed in BlastRide can reduce the level of load felt by an occupant’s spine and pelvis from 350 g to under 20 g (survivable load levels). System reset provides protection for both primary (blast) and secondary (slam down) impulses.

Innovative, Tunable Damping System, the BlastRide Blast Mitigating Seat Can be tuned for vehicle’s space availability. It integrates a suspension system providing a smoother ride, reducing soldier fatigue. The system provides protection for both primary (blast) and secondary (slam down) impulses. the BlastRide Blast Mitigating Seat features a quick release 4-Point or 5-Point
Harness allowing rapid egress, operator comfort and confidence.


  • Protection for primary and secondary impulses
  • Driver, troop and commander seat integrated into one common design
  • Lightweight design
  • Reduces soldier fatigue
  • Protects to soldiers
  • Enhances combat readiness
  • Allows for rapid egress


  • Dissipates 350 g over 3 ms
  • Reduces impulse to 20 g or less at pelvis
  • Dynamic Response Index as low as 9.5
  • Current troop seat design incorporates adaptability to platform
  • Integrated restraint system (4-point standard, 5-point optional)
  • Fold-up seat pan for ease of egress