Blast Attenuation Seats – Crew/Troop

Blast Attenuation Seats – Crew/Troop from MED-ENG enables troops to perform occupational tasks and isolates them from the effects of IEDs, mine blasts and sudden impacts.

Depending upon the vehicle, the ‘high back’ and ‘low back’ Troop Seats and Crew Seats can be fitted to either the ceiling, wall or floor. They also integrate with vehicle-based personnel cooling systems and blast sensors for a more complete crew survivability solution. Seats can be provided with an integrated foot rest or a Foot Protection System can be used to avoid serious injury to the lower limbs from blast.

The Blast Attenuation Seats – Crew/Troop can be customised with the features below to ensure optimal protection and comfort.


  • Crew Seats customised for an LTWV, HMMWV, Eagle, Tur2, IFV, Stryker, LAV, MRAP Wheeled Vehicle, MLRS or Boxter
  • Troop Seats customised for an IFV, Stryker, LAV, PIII, Rosomak, MRAP Wheeled Vehicle, M113, CV90, Boxter or Puma (tracked)
  • Recoverable Energy Attenuation System to protect against both the initial and ‘slam down’ phases of a blast
  • Multiple use
  • Adherence to NATO STANAG 4569, which defines critical injury criteria for the neck, spine and legs
  • Accommodates 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male
  • Adjustable Head Rest that is raised and lowered to reduce risk of whiplash and collapse down to the rear as required
  • Seat fabrics selected for Health and Safety as well as comfort
  • 4 and 5 point seatbelt using All Belts to Seat configuration for greater safety (5 point recommended)
  • Options for Troop Seat; Raising Seat Bottom for egress from the vehicle,  Lowering Seat Back to access storage behind seat or to mount a litter (stretcher), and Foot Rest to isolate the feet from the floor to protect the feet and lower limbs