Portable Liquid Cooled Chiller PLCU

The Portable Liquid Cooled Chiller PLCU series of customised and scalable mechanical chillers eliminates the severe heat stress affecting military personnel, combat vehicles and many other military assets.

These battle-proven Micro Climate Systems (MCS) are TRL-9 and meet MIL-810-F military standards. Their vapour compression cycle (VCC) technology provides personnel cooling and electronics cooling (E-Cooling) to help eliminate heat and its negative effects on a mission.

The scalable PLCU series range in capability from 600 Watts to over 5,000 Watts and are easily installed in new and retrofit vehicles including:

  • M2A3 Bradley
  • M1A2 Abrams
  • Leopard MBT
  • ARV
  • AEV

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