EPIC Electronics Cooling

The EPIC Electronics Cooling system protects electronic systems from the severe heat and harsh operating environments found in military environments, including vehicle electronics. The system is a High powered units keeping vehicle electronics operating within optimal temperature range.

It is compliant with MIL-810-F (Shock and Vibration) for tracked and wheeled vehicles. The EPIC Micro Climate System (MCS) provides electronics cooling in ambient temperatures up to 170°F (77°C). It also protects against dust, sand, vibration, humidity and liquid threats.

The EPIC is a customised E-Cooling system built to meet each customer’s specific cooling requirements in a combat vehicle. Its rugged quick-disconnects create a truly ‘plug and play’ system.

The Cooling is provided by direct attachment to refrigerant lines, Med-Eng Portable Condenser Units or Mechanical Chillers (ALCU or PLCU Series).

Compatible Vehicles and Aircraft:

  • LAV (Light Armored Vehicles)
  • AEV
  • M2A3 Bradley
  • M1 Abrams
  • Leopard
  • Rotary Winged Aircraft