Auxiliary Liquid Chiller Unit ALCU

Auxiliary Liquid Chiller Unit ALCU are mechanical chillers specifically engineered for confined spaces and harsh environments found in military vehicles but are also suitable for public safety response vehicles. An ALCU chiller easily integrates into a vehicle’s existing air conditioning system to provide a high rate of cooling in a lightweight and compatible low power design to eliminate the severe heat that affects both the electronics and personnel within a vehicle.

The integration of an ALCU Series Chiller is customised to the requirements of each vehicle type – military and civil first response – with minimal modifications to existing air conditioning or environmental control systems. The ALCU 1200 and ALCU 1202 are prime examples of this capability.

ALCU Series Chillers are compliant with MIL-810-F and have been proven through an install base numbering in the thousands.

ALCU Chillers can be found in vehicles including:

  • Cougar
  • Buffalo
  • RG31

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