RPG Defeat Net / Q-Net®

RPG Defeat Net / Q-Net® is a protective net that offers vehicle and soldier protection against rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). QinetiQ North America’s enhanced Q-Net II provides RPG protection on a wide range of tactical and lightly armoured vehicles. The system has the highest RPG defeat performance in the world for lightweight passive systems.

Combat-proven Protection:

Q-Net was first deployed in Afghanistan in 2010. It is now the most widely-deployed RPG protection system in the world and installed on over 13,000 platforms used in active combat throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. The net design was developed jointly by QinetiQ, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Office of Naval Research. It has been subjected to extensive live fire and laboratory tests with results indicating performance levels matching or exceeding competitor bar armour solutions.

RPG Defeat Net Features:

  • Lightweight: 50-60% lighter than other armour systems
  • Multi-hit capability
  • 360° protection, including overhead
  • Easy installation and removal (without any special tools)
  • Protects vehicles and soldiers