Blast Attenuation Seats – Commander/Gunner

MED-ENG customised Blast Attenuation Seats – Commander/ Gunner protect the commanders of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles by isolating them within a vehicle from the effects of a roadside IED and mine blast.

Commander Blast Seats are typically fitted to the ceiling, but can also be wall or floor mounted to meet specific requirements. Seats are designed to provide full height adjustment to allow occupant to ride with head in or out of hatch. The Blast Seats can integrate with personnel cooling systems and blast sensors for a more complete crew survivability solution.  Seats can be provided with an integrated foot rest or a floor-mounted Foot Protection System can be used to avoid serious injury to lower limbs from blasts.

A Commander Blast Seat can be customised for installation in new and retrofitted vehicles with the features below for optimal protection and comfort.


  • Customised for installation in: IFV, Stryker, LAV, PIII, Rosomak, MRAP Wheeled Vehicle, MLRS, M113, CV90, Abrams, Boxter, Puma (tracked)
  • Recoverable Energy Attenuation System to protect against both the initial and ‘slam down’ phases of a blast
  • Adherence to NATO STANAG 4569, which defines critical injury criteria for the neck, spine and legs
  • Fore & Aft and height adjustment to suit mission profile, vertical travel of 0.6 m or more as required
  • Multiple use
  • Accommodates 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male
  • Adjustable Head Rest
  • Rapid descent capabilities
  • Seats meet FMVSS and ECE requirements
  • 4 and 5 point seatbelt using All Belts to Seat configuration for greater safety (5 point recommended)