The DemiMod is a lightweight, explosively driven, water disruptor for use against small to medium sized IEDs.

It shares the same form and geometry as the MiniMod™ but is half the length, making it the ideal disruptor for mounting on a mini ROV or for carrying on the person. The loaded charge weighs less than half a kilogram (1 lb) and gives an equivalent disruption to that of a Pan Disruptor or PigStick. The DemiMod™ uses patented technology for producing a shaped charge using sheet explosive or detonating cord as the propellant and water as the projectile. Each module consists of two containers: a tamper and a projectile, which are fitted together, sandwiching the explosive charge. Endcaps hold the elements together and allow separate modules to be joined side-by-side or end-to-end according to the size and shape of the target.